The Right Tools for the Job: Our High-Quality Scaffolding Materials and Equipment

Layher access scaffold including adjustable inside deck arrangement and cantilevered loading platforms at Milburngate, Durham for Tolent Construction

ISL specialise in tube and fitting scaffolding due to its flexibility and cost advantages on medium to long term projects.

System scaffolds can be provided using our Layher scaffolding, where in particular it can offer programme benefits, but also Haki, Cuplok and Kwikstage if these are best suited to a specific project.

Internal safety decking requirements can be met using our lighweight Revdek system.

ISL can provide Layher or Haki stair towers, or Combisafe universal stairs for site use to comply with the hierarchy of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Temporary staircase to Durham University library for Laing O'Rourke

Layher Allround 750 staircases can be provided for public access. These staircases have a heavy duty crowd loading of up to 7.5kN/m2, whilst the steps have a reduced rise and wider going for easier access. Modular construction allows them to be erected in various configurations to suit the site conditions, and if required can be specified with anti-slip coatings, hi-vis nosing’s, and warm to touch handrails to comply with DDA requirements.

Access to a pipebridge for blasting and painting, including support to the 25 tonne structure whilst being bridged 22m over a river at Cotherstone for J N Bentley

The Layher bridging system can be used to provide large span access bridges - 22m spans are possible with a typical loading of 5kN/m2 as required for public use on Network Rail stations. Modular construction allows them to be erected in various lengths and widths, and if required can be specified with Protect hoarding panels, anti-slip coatings, and warm to touch handrails to comply with DDA requirements.

32m clear span Layher HD beam temporary roof, designed for severe winter weather conditions in an exposed riverside location close to the coast

ISL can provide temporary roofs in mono or duo pitch configurations using Layher or Ubix components to achieve clear spans of up to 40m. The flame retardant sheeting in individual bays can easily opened for access, whilst whole sections of roof can be rail mounted on rollers where access for large items is required.

16m span bridge using Mabey soldiers and universal steel beams to support 11 lifts of scaffold at Tom Collins House, Byker for Balfour Beatty

ISL does not restrict itself to scaffolding using tube and fitting or system scaffold materials. Where standard scaffolding solutions are not practical, we will liaise with our clients to create bespoke temporary works by combining different types of other materials, including falsework soldiers and fabricated steelwork.